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Gas Turbines
alt=" Component Manufacture"

Component Manufacture

MTPS manufactures a wide range of high precision components for gas turbines, steam turbines and aero-engines. MTPS manufactures a wide range of gas turbine components for GE designed heavy duty industrial gas turbines

alt="Supply of Spares & Replacement Parts"

Supply of Spares & Replacement Parts

MTPS supplies a complete range of quality spares and replacement parts for GE engines including capital parts like: Fuel Nozzles, Flow Sleeves, Bullhorn Brackets, Crossfire Tubes & Retainers, Combustion Liners, Transition Pieces, Nozzles, Buckets, Shrouds. MTPS also offers a variety of material support systems including: Refurbished Parts, Material Packs, Long Term Service Agreement
    alt="Component Repair Services"

    Component Repair Services

    Powered by its strong infrastructure, MTPS offers comprehensive gas turbine repair services. Our gas turbine component repair and rehabilitation shop has the capability to upgrade components to latest standards within extremely quick turnaround times. Our repair workshop provides repair services for the following components for: Fuel Nozzles, Flow Sleeves, Bullhorn Brackets, Crossfire, Tubes & Retainers, Combustion Liners, Transition Pieces, Nozzles, Buckets (outsourced), Shrouds

    alt="Rotor Repair & Complete Overhaul Services"

    Rotor Repair & Complete Overhaul Services

    To complement the existing capabilities of component manufacture, repairs, field services and spares supply capabilities, MTPS inaugurated its Rotor Overhaul facility in the year 2012. The facility has the capability of complete turbine and compressor rotor de-stacking, refurbishment, re-building and balancing. 

    alt="Coating Services"

    Coating Services

    To offer on par coating services, MTPS has developed advanced protective coatings for a range of OEM equipment. Our cold coating facility is capable of performing sacrificial coating application for high erosion and corrosion resistance on compressor blades and gas turbine casings.

    alt="Field Maintenance & Engineering Services"

    Field Maintenance & Engineering Services

    MTPS employs a wide range of experienced gas turbine, steam turbine & compressor field engineers, technical advisors, and construction and logistic managers to undertake and deliver both on-site and remote engineering services. These services can be complemented to include customized spares packages and tooling kits for regular Combustion, Hot Gas Path and Major Inspections. Our engineering services include: Operation and Maintenance, Electrical & Mechanical, Engineering support, Fuel Conversions, Inspection and Plant Overhaul, Machine up-rate and Improvement

      Gas Compressors / Steam Turbines


      We take great pride in our service team; our project leaders, engineers and supervisors have an accumulated experience of hundreds of years. This experience enables us to perform on-site overhauls or repairs in a unprecedented efficiency. The chance that a damage or a problem is encountered that we have not dealt with is very slim.

      Spare Parts / Re-Engineering

      MTPS is able to engineer replacement parts for turbines, compressors and gear boxes in a short timeframe. We understand the needs of our customers and the impact of prolonged shutdown of critical machinery. Where OEM's often lack flexibility for fast delivery we make it our mission to get equipment running with quality parts in the shortest possible timeframe.


      MTPS has the competence to repair rotary and stationary parts both on site or in our workshop. Typical repairs are amongst others: turbine rotor reblading, turbocompressor de/restacking, NDT inspection, seal strip replacement, balancing, bearing repair, shaft and bearing journal repair, control and stopvalve overhaul.