Hydromec started in 1983 producing speed reducers for Var-Spe, a part of the group founded by Mr. Speggiorin Sr 40 years ago, and specialized in high quality speed variators hydraulic components.

Today they manufacture speed reducers, coaxial, in aluminum and cast iron, shaft mounted, worm gearboxes, square worm gearboxes, customized speed gear reducers, single stage gearboxes, wormgearboxes with primary reduction, electric motors etc...

All product ranges are modular for easy of distribution, small stock, and simple logistic.

All the products and parts are made in Italy, using the latest technology both in design and production, to offer a competitive high-efficiency gearbox programm, suitable for today's market needs

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alt=""Rightangle Worm Gearboxes
alt="Square Worm Gearboxes"
alt="Onestep Coaxial Gearboxes"
alt="Light Coaxial Gearboxes"
alt="Coaxial Gearboxes"
alt="Coaxial Gearboxes in Cast Iron"
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alt="Helical Bevel Gearboxes"
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