Air Silencers

Based in the Cleveland, Ohio, area for more than 65 years, Allied Witan Company manufactures industrial noise control devices which promote clean and quiet pneumatic operations.

Our complete product lines, including Atomuffler® and Bantam® mufflers and filters, all-metal mufflers and filters, porous metal filter silencers and breather-vent-filters, help promote health and safety in the industrial workplace.

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Atomuffler Series

Often imitated but never replicated, Atomuffler-brand mufflers have managed excessive noise and promoted employee safety for more than 65 years. These leading product designs dissipate harmful air blasts and reduce Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB).

Bantam Series

Bantam® Series mufflers are durable and small, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Corrosion-resistant construction is suitable for continuous heavy-duty use. Installation is made easy with standard Male NPT, Male BSPT, or Female NPS pipe thread fittings.

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Porous Metal Series

For muffling needs in tight spaces and/or for needs of less-restricted air flow while keeping unwanted objects out of your equipment, use Allied Witan Company’s porous metal mufflers and filters. These economical models have a standard construction of sintered porous bronze and zinc-plated steel for maximum durability. Options include the adjustable valve Adjust-A-Flow muffler, all stainless steel porous metal, and many other different porous metal designs and porosities.

Special Products

Good things also come in small packages, including Allied Witan Company Micro Miniature and M64 Mini-Muff mufflers. Designed for special applications with tight space requirements, these two very different mufflers feature the same quality construction and high performance you can expect from all Allied Witan Company products.

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